Under Eye Roll-on Concealer

One of our favourite things in life to do is wake up in the morning! Don’t you just love that freezing cold air, the darkness outside and the sound of pretty birds chirping away really loudly through the window? No, we don’t either - those were lies, all lies. Getting up in the morning is a sleepy stumble into whatever clothes we laid out the night before and munching on whatever is in the fridge from our last big shop. Only because we’re so busy being beauty gurus by day, our sleep is so precious! Cutting time in the morning for our beauty routine, especially when it comes to popping on our makeup is such an important thing for us and we know it is for you too! Wouldn’t it just be amazing if there was a product that could help us wake up, be refreshed for the day ahead and still look amazing with minimal effort? Fortunately, we’re quite smart here at Vivo and created just that for you. Introducing our Under Eye Roll-on Concealer: *ta da!*

We practically saw your eyes pop from our HQ! The Under Eye Roll-on Concealer is an under eye refresher tinted with concealer to do a 2 in 1 job on those bags. Let’s say you’ve been at your Student Union all night dancing to Example but you’ve done a classic and forgotten you have a big lecture at 9am the next day, uh oh. Reach for this and gently roll it over the circles under your eyes and upwards, around the edge of your brows and we promise you’ll feel a million dollars in about 20 seconds. The reason it’ll make you feel so good is because of the gentle little rollerball inside. As it’s a small metal ball, it stays cool alongside the product. So instead of applying concealer with your fingers or a brush, it cools the area down while it conceals. 

We’ve all done it, cried our hearts out at X Factor on the sofa, sniffling and pretending we’ve got a stuffy nose instead of showing our loved ones we’re just a soppy girl, but been left with the tell tale trace of puffy eyes. It’s a widely known trick that popping cucumber or a cold cloth onto the eyes instantly takes the puffiness down. That is how this product works, using the cooling rollerball and the liquid/water based concealer it takes all puffiness down and the rollerball helps act as a smoothing agent, as you roll it over the eyes it essentially irons out any imperfections. This is better than a cucumber because it has longevity in that it will help over time with under eye shadows.

 So if you haven’t bought this yet, you’re gonna be kicking yourself until it’s in your hands. We reckon, instead of buying a cucumber next time you’re at Tesco to cool your eyes down, invest in one of these – it’ll last you longer, do a better job of decreasing puffy eyes AND conceal at the same time - it’ll become your best friend. Just, we don’t recommend eating it. 

Under Eye Roll-On Concealer retails exclusively to Tesco and costs £3.59.

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