VIVO's Liquid Highlighter (50mls)

Hello VIVO fans!

One of the best ways of brightening your complexion is to use a highlighter. I know, dead simple right? It looks like a scary product to throw all over your face, but it’s actually one of the easiest and simplest tricks to a gorgeous glow! Those celebs don’t look so beautiful all by themselves you know. Fortunately, Vivo are here for you like your big sister’s wardrobe (although I wouldn’t recommend just taking it from Tesco, will land you in a spot of bother) handing you the very best liquid highlighter money can buy. Why? Well for one it’s 50mls, which is gonna keep you going until you’ve got kids to share it with, and two because it’s formulated to suit every skin tone. Perfect!

It’s a duo-chromatic finish which in plainer terms means it has two colours of shimmer attached to it (the best way to see is in the reflection of the light) – gold to bring out the bronze glow and natural tone of skin and pink to add rosy highlights. 

A highlighter is the easiest cheat sheet to a soft radiant look, even in winter it’s so important to use highlighter to make the most of your defining features. In the summer the sun’s reflections pick up on the highlights and help make that tan go further! One of our little secrets to using it in summer is to mix it with your liquid foundation before applying to the face for a dewy finish. 

The best way to use the highlighter is to get involved with your fingers. Squeeze a tiny amount onto the back of your hand (alright I know it’s only a fiver but let’s not get wasteful ladies!) before dabbing it gently into your desired areas with the tips of your fingers. The areas best to highlight are the brow bone, the top of your cheekbones (just below the outer corners of the eye) and gently down the middle of your nose. 

Miss Vivo’s tip? Touch a tiny amount of it gently into your cupids bow to draw more attention to your gorgeous lips!
Highlighter retails at Tesco and costs £5.

Have you tried our liquid highlighter? Please tell me in the comments! I love to chat VIVO!

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