VIVO's Merged Blushers

Well, Happy New Year VIVO-ettes! I know it's been a little while since I popped on here and chatted about VIVO so sincere apologies for my absence - girl's gotta party and I certainly did over Christmas and New Year! One of my fave things to reach for when I was preppin' my hot party look was VIVO's Merged Blushers, and they've pretty much instantly become my go-to for a gorgeous cheek flush and pop of colour. The best thing about them (aside from the price) is that they come in a range of shades, so depending on how you feel or what the weather is like or even if you just fancy a change you can mix up your look dependent. I'm going to show you three of them today, in Rosy, Cinnamon Glow and Rouge Shimmer.

The above photos show Rosy, Cinnamon Glow and Rouge Shimmer in that order. Aren't they beautiful? Due to the way they are baked, they create the most gorgeous look, with that pretty shimmery vein-y look running through it. I'll show them all in a little closer detail, so up first is Rosy:

Here's Cinnamon Glow:

And finally Rouge Shimmer:

And here's a look at how they swatch on the skin in daylight and also under flash so you can see all the gorgeous pretty shimmer!

I find the best way to use these is to sweep them gently over my cheeks from my temples down my cheekbones with a soft contour brush. If you only want a soft look you can start softly but you can also build up a lot of colour too - hence the beauty of these babies! 

VIVO Merged Blushers are available from selected Tesco stores for just £4 - I know. Oh. Em. Gee. Get them all!

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