Katy Perry style smoky eyes with VIVO Smoky Moods!

Hey VIVO fans! Woah did you see Katy Perry when she stepped out at Paris Fashion Week yesterday? She was rocking a gorgeous blue eye and it made me think "hey, maybe I could do that with our new Smoky Moods kit!" So what did I do? I know, i'm predictable. I definitely went ahead and made a gorgeous Katy eye with the Midnight Smoke kit - perfect for this look. Lets take a look at Katy's look and then at mine:

The blue is washed all over the lid, with the soft pale blue blended out towards the eyebrow. Take a VIVO pencil eyeliner in black and apply to top and bottom waterline before setting with purple shade. Smoke out the purple shade under the eye and pop a little bit of black on the top lid near the lashline. Finish with a slick of VIVO mascara, I used Extreme Curl and getting the Katy Perry look is as easy as that!

I love this! I'm not barmy enough to dye my hair blue but on Katy it looks just fab. The VIVO Smoky Moods kit is so perfect and versatile for creating looks like this and I think you all need to pop down to Tesco and check it out now!
What do you think? Love,

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