The perfect Lipsticks for different skin tones

Hey everyone! How are you all today? I'm at VIVO HQ getting all excited for the imminent launch of the VIVO website which is due to happen anytime soon! I'm sooo excited, not like I need anymore VIVO though mind - I own so much of it already! But i'm so excited to share it all with you and especially my international friends!
I've been playing around with some of my favourite lipsticks today to help show you how you can find the perfect lipstick for your skintone. How good am I, i know, i know - thank me later yeah!

Fair skin:

This is our lipstick in Pink Pout, a perfect compliment to fair skin. Why? It's just pink enough to add a dash of colour but still warm enough to compliment the natural pink undertones found in fair skin.

Medium skin:

This is Very Berry, a gorgeous brown toned red - the perfect compliment to medium tone skin!

Olive skin:

Crushed Amethyst is the perfect compliment to Olive toned skin because the purple tones help bring out the gorgeous natural shades of olive. It also brings a contrasting pop of colour and will guarantee to get heads turning!

Dark skin:

Be brave and bold and rock Red Red. It works on dark skin because of the undertones running through it, and it creates a really unique and striking look!

Hope this helps! All of our lipsticks are just £1.99 from Tesco - bargain!
Speak soon,