VIVO Giant Face and Body Bronzer

Helloooo sunshine! Oh my, I adore Summer! I know it's not Summer just yet *puts away flip flops and sunnies* but it's definitely getting super warm. I'm happy, I'm up for a party and I wanna get bronzing! Luckily for me and you, VIVO has the most perfect product for Summer days! It's massive, it's golden and it's sparkly! Introducing, our Giant Face and Body Bronzer:

This is great for summer because it's not only massive enough to sweep a big kabuki brush into and then all over arms and legs, but it's a soft, golden bronze shade. I absolutely love to brush it on my cheekbones and down the nose gently to add a warm tone to the face and to liven up the skin tone in summer. If you apply it everywhere the sun would catch your skin naturally - it varies a little from person to person but should be the areas outlined above - it wont make you look weird or too brown! Here's a very heavy swatch of it so you can get an idea of colour:

When you first use it you get the gorgeous golden glitter but if you swoosh your brush around the glitter sinks into the bronzer. After using it for the first time it's a richer brown shade that you can keep using again and again!

I absolutely love this bronzer - the fact it's so big makes me happy too!!

It's an absolute bargain at just £4. Shop it now on our amazing new website here.