Fresh Summer Skin

Hello VIVO fans! I'm back in town with some top tips on getting gorgeous summer skin! At time of writing, it's been fairly pleasant lately but has rained a little - so i'm hoping and wishing that I can go out in my summer clothes as soon as poss. Come on England give us girls a little sun! Either way, perhaps you're a lucky soul off on holiday or just being ultra prepared and getting your summer skin routine ready. There's so many fab products from VIVO to help you achieve summer perfection, and you wont break the bank at the same time either - more money to spend on actual summer itself! Yay! Strawberries and ice cream for me please! These are the three key ingredients to fresh, gorgeous summer skin:

First step is to apply the Primer. Apply it evenly onto cleansed skin with your clean fingers. Immediately after applying the primer, dab on some of our amazing Beauty Balm. This is a fresh alternative to tinted moisturiser because it does offer that coverage. It conceals and evens tone of skin while also giving a good coverage - but lets skin breathe. I apply the Beauty Balm again with clean fingers but you can use a brush if you prefer, I just prefer my fingers because the coverage is a lot more natural than if you use a brush. When you apply the Beauty Balm, start first in the center of your face. This ensures you don't apply too much product as when you smooth it out to the end of your neck and face it shows how far the coverage needs to go. I find with this product as well that less is always more and in the summer you don't want to pile too much on your face anyway!

I finish the look with my favourite duo blush highlighter and that is Sweet Peach! There are two other shades to choose from if you're not a fan of peach but coral and peach tones are so hot this season and will suit most skintones - if you've never tried a coral be brave and give it a go!

Ill be back (non terminator style!) in the future with some more summer tips for eyes and lips too!!

Happy Friday! Much love,

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