Get Kim Kardashians Smokey Eye Look!

Hey everyone! Following up from our amazing Newsletter - did you all get a copy in your inbox? subscribe now on the site if you didn't! - where I was chatting Kim Kardashian, I thought i'd just elaborate on it a bit more here. Now, the rumour mill is awash with news that the Kardashians as a collective (shudder) are coming over to London to film their next series of the show. I am totes not down with this at all! I find them very irritating and of no real substance...definitely not enough to watch a show on! So I was not best pleased to hear they will be running around on my turf, going to my parties and hanging out at Mahiki trying to steal MY Prince Harry *growls* and why? Mainly because the girl is so gosh darn beautiful. I mean she annoys me in the way that she's just well, annoying, but she really has got those looks going on! She does always seem to stick to this signature look though but boy has she got it nailed. Enter, the Kardashian Smokey:

Notice how her eyes always look defined, strong and dark? That is what gets the men ladies! This girl is rumoured to now be dating none other than award-limelight-stealing Kanye West and it can't be down to that godawful TV show...

So, here's a lowdown on all you need from VIVO to create your very own man pulling intense smokey eye!

Start by applying a little of the VIVO Pearl Eyeshadow in Black Sparkle (£1.50) to the upper lash line - so just apply a line of it to the bottom of the top eyelid. Then use a big fluffy brush to blend it really softly upwards and into the crease of the eye - taking it as dramatic or as soft as you like.

Then apply a slick of VIVO Liquid Liner in Black (£2) to the same part of the eye, you can wing it out in the corner Amy Winehouse style if you like too.

Take Black Sparkle again and gently dab it on over the liquid liner - this makes the intensity of the black much deeper and also helps it last longer. You can keep blending it into the crease of the eye with a fluffy brush too if you want more drama.

Take the VIVO Kohl Eyeliner (£2) in Black and apply it to the waterline of your bottom lashes. If you're not used to this this might take a while but practice makes perfect! Take the soft sponge end of the Kohl and blend it really gently into the lower lash part of your eye - this will stop it from falling down your eye later on. Set underneath the eye with a tiny bit of Black Sparkle again.

Build up the layers on the lashes by gently applying a few coats of our Curve Effect Mascara (£3) for a perfect Kim Kardashian look!