Get the perfect red lip!

Hey! Ok so this might be an obvious beauty tip, or one that you might not be so familiar with but today i'm loving a bold red lip. Why? Cause it's sooo miserable outside! I hate this weather! Just a few days ago I was musing about summer skin and hoping and wishing that I could start prepping for summer but no... it's so British to complain about the weather but Miss VIVO loves sunshine! No worries though because being brave and getting a bold red lip in your life will bring colour and happiness to all around you - well, so I like to think. At the upmost, it'll at least make you feel happy! Red lips when done properly never go out of fashion or style, and remain a timeless classic. Luckily for you, and just because VIVO are awesome, we have the most amazing selection of lipsticks, but one in the most perfect pillarbox Red! The shade is Red Red and it looks like this:

When applying your lipstick, it's best to use a lip brush for a bold red - just because it's easier and neater. Grab your lip brush and line around the edges of your lips with the lipstick, then fill in the middle. The best way to a longwearing lip colour is to apply one thin layer, blot gently with tissue paper and then apply another layer. This layered method helps the colour to sink into the lips and creates a fuller, bolder lip.

This might not be everyones cup of tea for a stroll down the park but when the weather is this miserable I wouldn't blame any of you if you did! It's perfect for a disco or party and can really add to your face.

My other tip is this - when wearing a bold red lipstick, don't wear too much eye makeup! It's always important just like when you're wearing a short or low cut dress to only go for one of the other and in this case i mean lips or eyes! But maybe take the dress advice at the same time too...! Never team a bold lip with a bold eye. I recommend just using a little bit of VIVOs Lengthening Mascara to open out the eyes!

Woooohoooo I love red lips! What do you think of red lips? VIVO's Red Red is just £1.99 so it's a ridiculously good bargain, it deserves to be a classic in your makeup bag!