VIVO loves: Gemma Collins

Morning VIVO loverrrs! Who watched TOWIE last night? What a belter! I love a bit of TOWIE me. Loved the whole scene last night with Gemma and Charlie recreating the Titanic! So funny - how bad was Charlie's drawing?! I think that although some of the TOWIE cast are sometimes a bit more tangerine than reem, Gemma always gets it spot on with her smokey eye makeup. I personally would prefer to wear this kind of look in the night-time but these TOWIE girls rock it all day long! Here's the lowdown on everything you need to get the look using VIVO - who knows, you might have Charlie at your door wanting to draw you too! (Speaking of men turning up at doors....hello Arg! New hottie much?)

Smoke eyes with Mink and Black Sparkle by using a soft blending brush. Apply Mink all over the lid and then use Black Sparkle to outline the eye near the waterline and on the eyelid. Sweep Rosy Baked Blusher on the cheeks and finish with a slick of Frosted Pink Lip Gloss! Pop Flirty Wink lashes on the eyes and your Gemma TOWIE look is complete. Of course Gemma and the girls use a lot of fake tan, so if you want to look a little less TOWIE than simply don't fake tan or bronze on the face for a more 'natural' look. Like I said earlier, I love these girls but how they wear all this makeup during the day is beyond me - this is def a party party look for Miss VIVO!

So you totally can get a TOWIE look without going too full on - this is why Gemma is my fave! Did you watch TOWIE last night? What do you think of Gemma's look?