VIVO Loves: Steps Reunion

Last week Miss VIVO and some of the VIVO girlies treated themselves to a trip to the o2 arena to see the amazing reunion of Steps! Oh em gee. We were all so excited and had a really amazing evening. Who was really excited about the reunion of Steps? I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's totes mine! The night was a belter from start to finish, them popping out TUNES left right and center but easily my favourite part of the night was the finale, where Steps performed Tragedy! Everyone leaped up out of their seats and the crowds went wild! I definitely whipped out some epic dance moves - I know, it's dangerous - and perhaps enjoyed the night a little too much. Here's some snaps from my mobile phone of the gig!

Now I love all three girls equally but I saw this absolutely drop dead gorgeous photo of Claire Richards pop up online a few days ago and not only is she looking fab considering their hard tour regime - I adored her simple makeup look! She's rocking a fierce red lip with some simple classic statement 40's inspired eyes:

To get this look you only need a handful of statement items from VIVO and here's the full lowdown on what you need:

Start by gently washing the Pale Gold Pearl Eyeshadow (£1.50) all over the lid to create a sheer wash of colour. Take up to the eyebrows but only very softly. Take Rich Chocolate Matte Eyeshadow (£1.50) and with a tapered crease brush, run the colour softly through the crease of the eye - this is where the natural crease falls through your eye shape. Make it a bolder colour by taking it darker into the outer corner. Sweep Volume Mascara (£2.59) through the lashes pointing it into the outer corner to create a dramatic lash shape.

To create the arched brow shape, grab your Eye and Brow Kit (£5) and fill in the eyebrows neatly and close to the hairs as possible for a full, thick, defined eyebrow look.

Apply the Red lipstick using my top tips and use shade Red Red (£1.99) for a perfect Steps pout! All together now: "One for Sorrow...aint it too, too bad?"