NEW! Lacquer Shine Lipgloss

Hiya VIVO lovers! I can't lie to you, getting me indoors to write this blog post was proving a little tricky today - i did nooooooot wanna get out of that sunshine. But, 'cause VIVO rocks my socks off, as soon as I heard there was a new product I leapt up off my chair - spilling my mojito as I went! (Yeah alright alright, pfft, it was a can of Tango.)

What's got me all excited? Well only these brand new Lip Glosses, called Lacquer Shine! It comes in eight shades from nudes and soft pinks to reds and deep plums. Everything you'd expect from VIVO, we just don't do letting you guys down.

Why is the Lacquer Shine different to our other Lip Glosses? Basically it's a more intense colour hit, so as well as focusing on delivering what a Lip Gloss aims to - super shine - it also delivers a hit of colour. This means you don't really need to wear Lipstick with them, because the colour is much more concentrated than a normal lip. The overall effect is a super glossy, very longwearing and super sexy bold lip!

I will be getting out of the garden (grr) and swatching them all for you later in the week so stay tuned! For now though, make sure you head over to our website and take a look at them online as they're currently an online only exclusive!

Oh wait. I forgot to mention.... THEY'RE ONLY £1.99! I know I sound like a broken record but seriously guys, it doesn't get much better than this. It's lucky that VIVO sort me out with a stash really otherwise i'd be doing some mad trolley dash every time I shop in Tesco like Supermarket Sweep! What a daytime great, who remembers that? That Dale Winton... *looks at Tango can* oh dear...vom.