Perfect Brows a la Lauren Goodger

TGIF! Yay! It's not only Friday it's also the beginning of May Bank Holiday weekend, amazing. I'm stoked about this news and I am busy prepping my skin and face ready for a long weekend!!! When it's time to party we will always party hard! But I don't want my skin to suffer or not look it's best.

The easiest way to sort your face ready for the weekend and to prep skin for whatever your gorgeous look is going to be is to start with the eyebrows. The brows frame the face, and create shape to the eye line. Luckily cause we're awesome, VIVO has all the tools you need to get gorgeous brows! I was inspired by looking at Lauren Goodger's picture that she tweeted out earlier in the week of her supposedly 'make up free.' Now i'm not 100% sure she's totally make up free (cheeky) as I generally think the world would end if someone from TOWIE was snapped completely natural, but one thing that totally stood out for me was her brows. They're absolutely perfect and by perfecting your brows it makes makeup application flawless.

Notice how although her brows are perfect - she doesn't really need to do a lot more with her face to look beautiful! So even if she does have make up on, her minimal look is gorgeous because of this.

We've got some tools here at VIVO to help you get perfect brows, so lets take a little look:

You definitely don't need to go under a needle to get this definition! Our Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit has three different shades so depending on your natural hair colour you can find a shade to suit you - or even go for a darker shade to rock the "Scouse Brow" trend! The kit also contains a little clear gel to help you set the brow hairs after you've filled them in. For extra and added definition like Lauren's, line the brows softly with the Eye Brow Pencil (which also comes in two different shades)

My tip is to just take it gently and slowly - don't rush in putting on too much dark powder at the start, start with just a soft, gentle fill and definition and gradually over time build it up. You don't want to wake up looking like Charlie Simpson! 

Our Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit retails for £5 and our Eye Brow Pencil retails for £1.50!