VIVO Lengthening Mascara

Hiya! Oooh don't you just love fluttering your lashes all night long? I do, I really do. Especially when it makes stupid TOWIE boys buy me drinks at the bar! I mean... that never happened... don't you go telling those paps on me!

Anyway, it's well easy to snag a footballer for the night or for forever when you know how and trust me girl Miss VIVO knows how. All you need to do, is get yourself one of these:

This little gem is our liquid gold in a tube: Lengthening Mascara.

I find it's absolutely perfect because it helps lashes stretch and lengthen to the most they can be. If you have short, stubby lashes, the wand will help them grow and fan out better. It's got a long wand that spirals around to help cling on to the lashes and make them get loooong!

I recommend the waterproof black just out of sheer convenience. Mainly because if you need to bawl your eyes out at Hollyoaks, or go on a long run (don't know why you'd do that though to be fair... I struggle hauling my bum to the gym each day!) or anything that might cause sweat/excess liquid around the eyes - this will go the distance.

Our Lengthening Mascara can be found at our online store here for just £1.50 - I know, I know. Oh my god!