VIVO Lipstick swatch gallery

Happy midweek lovely VIVO fans! Whats the goss? Did any of you see Made in Chelsea on Monday? As if they went to the rollerdisco - I laughed way too much for a Monday evening! Now, if you had got our amazing newsletter last week you would have already seen how much VIVO loves lipstick and we thought, what a better time to show you ourselves how great and pigmented our own lipsticks are, than well, now! I am a complete lipstick junkie and love nothing better than putting a swipe of colour across my lips. If you didn't already know, VIVO have nine stunning shades to choose from and I know just how difficult it is to choose which one it is you want to buy (unless you're like me and you just buy them all anyway!) so I thought i'd compile a little swatch gallery for you to make shopping our delightful website just that little bit easier.

In the photos above - first on paper and second on skin - from left to right:

My favourites are Sugar Pink, Red Red and Barely There but I honestly think it's such a good mix of shades! You can see how well they swatch both on paper and on skin and how pigmented they are. They're soft, creamy and come in a metallic little casing that is stylish and slick! 

Our Lipsticks can be found in Tesco stores and online at our official website for just £1.99! Leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite!