VIVO Loves: Adele

Hiya! How ridiculously gorgeous does Adele look pretty much all the time? I absolutely adore Adele, I think it's cause she's just a normal lass like me! Glam by night but just a regular British girlie by day. Thing is, Adele can sing a lot better than I can, I sound a bit like a cat struggling in water...

Anyway. Adele always seems to rock this flawless look that's quite classic. We love classic here at VIVO - us girlies go wild for a red lip. I'm gonna show you my cheat sheet tips to getting a little bit of Adele, and fortunately for you it wont be in the heartbreak songs - cause they're so sad! Sniff sniff. *reaches for tissues* Here's the lady herself at the Grammys:

So the quickest way to fluttery, pretty lashes is by popping on a pair of our perfect strip lashes in Full On. These have just a good amount of thickness but aren't too intimidating if you're not used to lashes/don't want anything too dramatic. Adele's are a little more flickery on the outer corner, but I prefer to use Full On because they're not quite as in your face as the others. I think they're perfect for new lash lovers as well as old!

The secret to keeping your skin as gorgeous and shine free as Adele's is in the Mattifying Loose Powder! This little baby when dabbed onto areas prone to shine will keep that shine at bay and will ensure you look glowing...but not sweaty!

Finish with a slick of Coral Flair and well, Adele's gotta run for her money!

Do you love Adele like I do? :)