VIVO Primer Tips

Primer is an absolute god send in this weather. I don't know what i'd do without my beloved VIVO Primer and this is just a few short tips on the best way to get the most out of your face primer as well as ensuring it's doing it's job properly. I love to pass on little tit bits of info that I think will help you out! S'what Miss VIVO is here for isn't it..

First thing is to always ensure you cleanse your skin first. If skin is clean, it helps aid the job of the primer - basically it can't work as well on skin that's not fully prepped! To do this is simple, wash face with cleanser and gently dab it dry. You can also pop on a light layer of moisturiser before the primer, which can be great if it's quite hot and drying outside.

Apply primer with clean fingers. It doesn't make sense to apply with a brush because like skincare, you want all the goodness of the primer going straight into your skin. Always wash your hands with warm, gentle soap beforehand and then rub in circular motions using the fingers over the skin.

Allow the primer to sink into the skin for a few minutes before putting on the foundation. It needs time to create it's protective barrier, and by simply giving it about 2 minutes before popping on the foundation it'll be able to do this better - which is it's job!

You can apply primer to the whole face but the areas that get oily the quickest are the areas you want to focus on the most. Usually these are the eyelids, forehead the chin, and above the lips. For everyone it's a little different though - I personally like to apply it to my whole face especially in warm weather.

Hope that helped! Happy Primer-ing!! :D