*£1 off Smoky Moods* Daytime Smoke Kit

So right now my gorgeous VIVO-ettes there's £1 off both of our Smoky Moods kits in Tesco! Hot! Today I thought i'd remind you of one of them today and that is our Daytime Smoke kit, which consists of three taupe neutral shades and one mini eyeliner for on the go touch ups! I love this kit, not only is it ah-may-zing it's my handbag staple cause of how easy it is to use. Today I thought i'd show you two simple ways to use it and to get gorgeous eyes:

1. Smoky look

To create this look, firstly sweep the pale shade all over the lid and into the inner corner of the eye. Grab a fluffy brush like the one pictured, and gently buff the second shade through the crease and softly into the outer corner. Define the eye shape even more by applying the third and darkest shade just into the outer corner and crease of the eye. Perfect! Finish with some VIVO eyelashes to complete the look!

2. Bold Liner look

Get 60s inspired with this gorgeous bold winged liner look! All you need to do is sweep the softest pale shade all over the lid to create a base, and then using a steady hand, apply the liner following the natural curve of the eye. Relax, and don't panic - it'll rub off if you do it wrong! Just follow the natural lash line of the eye and sweep it out as bold or as small as you like in the outer corner. Perfect!

Don't forget to pop along to Tesco and grab your Daytime Smoke kit while it has £1 off so it's just the amazing price of £3!