Five minute Eye look with VIVO!

Hiya! It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Omg you guys don't you really feel like this week has dragged? It really sucks having no Bank Holiday, sort it out your Majesty, make every week a 3 day week and a 4 day weekend yeah? We loved your last one!!

Anyway it's almost time for the weekend and while it looks likely that'll it'll rain the entire time (great) we may as well do what we as girlies do best and that is spend as little time as possible on our makeup but still look amazing. Whether it rains or shines, we can really easily make sure we stand out from everyone else and catch that cute guy's eye at the party ;)

I have two products from VIVO that I absolutely swear by for a quick, foolproof, five minute eye look that I know stays put all night. Trust me girls, Miss VIVO has this tried and tested for sure. You don't wanna know the amount of times i've stumbled out of Mark Wright's hotel room with only these two products to ensure I look amazing for the paps... yeah alright i'm lying but come on, if Mark had the pleasure of spending time in my company, i'd wanna ensure that the quicker it took me to do my makeup, the better...

My two hero products for this job are, yup, you guessed it - our Waterproof Black Lengthening Mascara and our Black Liquid Liner. To create my signature five min look, I simply take the liquid liner and using a steady hand, apply it to the top of my eyelashes on the eyelids. This takes practise my gorgeous VIVO-ettes so don't worry if you get it wrong! Just rub it off and try again. Soon you'll have it nailed. Then finish with a generous application of our Lengthening mascara to ensure your lashes are flutter-tastic. If you have longer than five mins, you can stick on some of our fit lashes too but this is ideal for a quick yet beautiful look. Here's what the brush of the mascara looks like:

As you can see it's a fairly thin wand, but this makes it great for lots of different lash types - rather than being a big fat brush or a really thin bristle brush. It can be built up really well and I find it only takes a couple of minutes to get perfectly thick coated black lashes with this mascara. Perfecto!

This is a properly tried and tested method of mine, trust me girls. I've got so many parties to be at and so much makeup to play with that this look is such a staple for me, and while it might not take 5 minutes at first, bear with it cause soon you'll have it just as licked as I do, oh yeaaah!

And just cause it's Friday, let's have a nice picture of Mark Wright from the jungle. Mmmmm. Swing by VIVO Towers sometime please Mark!

Check out our mascara here and our liquid eyeliner here too and browse our website for lots more gorgeous VIVO! Much Friday love!