Miss VIVO HATES football!

Hi beautiful VIVO lovers! I'm grumbling today because the silly football is back on the telly and I hate football! I don't get why everyone gets so wound up over their team - all my boy mates are going crazy for it (what's that face for? they're just mates, purleeeease!) On the flipside though, this means us girlies get more quiet and alone time to play with makeup and also to do some sneaky sneaky makeup shopping while the boys are pre-occupied! Get in! I loved the Jubilee and now straight into the Euros - there's definitely a bit of a Team GB fever hitting the streets of London and even though red, white and blue aren't immediate products that we'd all rush to buy when it comes to makeup, we can rock a little patriotism every now and then quite easily! I thought i'd give you a little lowdown on my favourite red/white/blue VIVO products so you can at least pretend to your boy that you like the football... even when all you know is Rooney!

Use a little bit of white Kohl in your inner corners and also in the waterline softly to brighten the eyes and open them out. I also love using mine under my nails to help them look whiter! Just £1.50 :)

I'm still totally smitten with our brand new Lacquer Shine Lip Glosses, which give the perfect mix of glossy finish and lipstick pigmentation! Get your red lips for just £1.99

Try blending a little bit of our Pearl Eyeshadow in Blue Lagoon underneath your waterline for a new take on smoky eye definition! Amazing at just £1.50!

Now I know these aren't red, white, or blue - but when did you ever see a WAG snagging a sexy footballer without smokin' hot lashes?! I'll keep it our little secret. My WAG friendly favourites are Flutter - £4

Hopefully this has helped cure you of your football hatred if you share it! Do you agree with me? Or do you love the football?