How to Apply False Lashes

So how many of you love the idea of wearing False Eyelashes but have never tried them because you don't know how to apply them? Well, here's my quick & easy step-by-step guide to get perfect application every time, without fear of your lashes flying away with a gush of wind! 

Remove your False Lashes from the packet and measure against your eyelid to check that they fit well - they should sit comfortably along your natural lash line. If they are too long, carefully trim your False Lashes on the outer corner until they fit well. 

Step 2:
Bend the False Lash around your finger for 1 minute to make the strip more flexible, and to ensure it fits onto the natural curve of your eyelid. 

Step 3:
Using the handy precision applicator of the VIVO Lash Adhesive which comes with each set of False Lashes, carefully apply a small amount of glue to the strip of your False Lash.  Allow the glue to become tacky for approximately 20 seconds.

Step 4:
Using your fingers and a pair of tweezers to help you control application, carefully apply the False Lash to your closed eye, ensuring the inner area of the lash is feeling comfortable. Use the tweezers to gently push the False Lash onto your lash line and ensure they are securely in place.

That's it, folks! Four simple and quick steps to get full, fluttering lashes that'll leave even the TOWIE lot feeling well jel! 

Miss VIVO x