Oh Prince Harry!

Woah woah woah, we were just NOT ready to see those pics of Prince Harry starkers in Vegas!  But what a delight nonetheless! Who doesn’t love Prince Harry and his crazy antics?  Let’s admit it… don’t we all wish we could party with him?  He looks like a right laugh!

But let’s be sensible for one moment, as I’m sure Queenie’s not feeling too pleased with her rebel grandson.  So in light of Our Harry’s scandalous moment, here are my top tips to make sure you’re not caught looking red-faced, even in the most embarrasing of situations. 

Primer - £6
Prep your Skin
Our amazeballs Primer is so light and sheer, you won’t feel a thing… but you WILL notice a difference.  Just a pea-sized amount all over means your foundation won’t be sliding off anywhere.

Matte Foundation - £2.59
Cover Up
This velvety Matte Foundation will wipe out patchy skin, redness and blemishes in no time.  Focus on the t-zone and cheeks for a natural finish.

Blush & Highlighter Duo, Sweet Peach - £2.39
Fight the Red
Now here’s a great tip – did you know that peach tones are perfect for brightening your skin as well as counteracting red tones? It really works! Our Blush & Highlighter Duo in ‘Sweet Peach’ leaves a subtle shimmer too to enhance a pretty glow.

So there you have it, now you’ll be looking cool as a cucumber when any embarrasing pics of you are leaked onto the internet, just like Prince Harry here! Teheheehe!

The Crown Jewels!