Summer comes early!

Fed up of the dark, dowdy and miserable winter time colours and clothing?  Here at VIVO, we definitely are!

So we are introducing you to an easy, effective and instant way to brighten up your look and bring summer back early.

VIVO Highlighter, Baked Bronzer and Golden Days Bronzer are here to give you an instantly bronzed goddess glow... who said you can’t have that just-stepped-off-the-plane look all year around?!

The Highlighter works best on cheekbones to give you that wide awake look (even the morning after the night before!)

Paired with the Baked Bronze in shade 3, lightly dusted as a powder all over, you will achieve a natural base.

Next, apply the Golden Days Bronzer by brushing along your cheekbones to enhance your features and lightly blended in to the rest of the face with a large brush to finish the look. 

Once you have used these gorgeous products, you won’t ever leave your house without them.  They are a definite make-up bag must have for any girl who wants to have a bright and bronzed summer look, even on the darkest of days.